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Revolt Updates: In 2022. I did $1.5 million In 2023 I am at $7.8 million - set to finish roughly $8.5 million and my goal was $4 million. My wife was able to quit her job and join full-time. I’m sponsoring another guy in the AA program. I bought an office. I bought my dream truck.
Stephen Maassen
Brody Allen Exteriors
Joined Revolt at RoofCON last year. Last year we did just over $1 million in sales and I was the only one on the team. This year we’re already at about $2.4 million in jobs built and we have three solid sales reps and growing. I’ve built out a training system that I learned directly from Revolt with the help of Hunter and the GOAT William and we now have a recruiting process that works. This is our second year in Business and I know if we keep implementing the processes and utilizing the connections from the group. We will double again next year. I'm grateful for the group and Hunter leading the way.
Tyler Streeman
Roofing Pups
Highly recommend attending the Revolt retreat. There was a lot of value provided, ranging from practical strategic growth for your business and intentional relationship building and overall camaraderie of like-minded individuals.
Caleb Johnson
CR3 American Exteriors
Revolt has provided me a trusting relationship amongst peers across the country. I almost 3X’d growth this year and it is not over. $1.6M/year in 2022 right over $4.5M sold in 2024. Building a solid core team that I can be transparent with and have solutions in mind instead of blame. The father and son retreat where I got to know my son better and he is much more open to talk to me about stuff now. The biggest Revolt win is having two fearless leaders, Hunter Ballew and John Paul to go on a Revolt mission trip, get Malria both in near death situation but due to the Lord and the many prayers from Myself and all my Revolt brothers they beat it not once but twice glad to be your friend and brother in Christ!
David Daniel
Roof Solutions LLC
I’ve been a member of Revolt for 33 days. I’m currently on day 33 on my Fearless44 challenge. It’s only been a month and I’ve already seen 180° turnaround and energy attitude and attention. I am on a stronger trajectory for my goals than I’ve ever been in years. I am more present with my family, more engaged at work and more intentional about my physical and mental health. I’m getting up earlier in the morning to be present with my family. I have created stronger alignment with my team at work. I have stopped a bad habit that held me back from many of my goals. I have started implementing the Revolt systems into my business with my eyes set on providing amazing jobs and empowering culture to many more People . The first 33 days have been so successful that I can’t help but be anxiously engaged for the year to come and beyond.
Eric Anderson
The Local Bug Guy
I found Hunter and Revolt at a time of transition in my business. I needed direction and man did I ever find it with Hunter. I 3’x’d my business in the first year with the help of his program.
Mark Aumen
Colorado Preferred Roofing
Where to start?? Reconnected with Jesus Connected my wife into the business Reconnected with my sons and brought my daughter into the biz Grew my team from 4-10 Hired a production manager Hired an assistant Created a family atmosphere in the company Found vendors and friends to help with our growth 3x’ed our revenue Bought a company truck Started Advertising Started mentoring other owners in my area Made fitness a priority again On and on and On…Thank you!
Mark Aumen
Colorado Preferred Roofing
Being a part of Revolt has connected me to an amazing group of men that I otherwise might not have been exposed to. Due to those relationships I’ve made connections that will last the rest of time. I've been able to hone my skills in helping and coaching along with receiving guidance from others. I have continued in my fitness journey because I know I’ll be held accountable if I don’t. Being in the room has pushed me to start two new businesses in the last year and addition to my roofing company. I now get to coach others and have started a national vendor program that is going to take the industry by storm. I couldn’t have done any of this without being surrounded by people that revolt against average .
Eric Oberembt
D&M Roofing & Siding Inc
Revolt helped us grow our company by 38% so far this year. Finally, we decided to double down and implement a training process and have a bonfire plan to get to $5 next year.  We decided to start giving back 1% of revenue, made crazy strategic partners through the process that have helped us with things like commercial, leadership and development.  Thanks for everything y’all do!
Terrell Dyer
Southern Roofing & Exteriors
Revolt has changed my husband‘s life which has affected so many lives in a positive way! Our future is bright in both business and personal and it’s a direct result of the impact Revolt has had on my husband.
Sam A
Aldridge Roofing and Restoration
We went from $0 to $1.5 with just myself, wife and a crew in 2023 (with 2 months left) Just hired our first roof specialist using the hiring funnel We are working on the six figure blueprint as we speak We are starting to implement EOS I gained countless amount of knowledge from our Revolt community chat The revolt retreat I attended was instrumental to my life and business. Without that retreat and investment into the revolt tribe I wouldn’t have the clarity and confidence to hit our $4 million revenue goal for 2024 (which we will!) And what I believe is one of our biggest accomplishments to date is we were able to provide a free roof to a widow in need.
Jeff Jackson
JT Roofs
This year has been a wild ride and tons of personal growth. -For the first time we reached 7 figures in revenue -I hired my first sales rep -I was interviewed on a local podcast -Iwas a speaker on a panel at the Denver Startup Week event -I helped start a business group at my church to focus on doing business for God’s glory. -I started writing a book on doing business for God’s glory Looking forward to what fruit the next 12 months of consistent planting and cultivating will bring.
Ian Davis
Cairn Roofing Group
There is truly nothing like REVOLT! If you are a Business owner, Entrepreneur, or looking for answers on how to start, run, and scale your business, then this is the group you want to be a part of.
Jason Kamprowski
There is truly nothing like REVOLT! If you are a Business owner, Entrepreneur, or looking for answers on how to start, run, and scale your business, then this is the group you want to be a part of.
Taylor Ammons
It really made me think about legacy
Jeff Evans
A lifechanging experince.
Jack Ryan
Owner, Jackaroo Roofing and Construction
I get burnt out… revolt helps relight the fire.
Kyle Evenhouse
Owner, Evenhouse Roofing, LLC
One million to four million in one year.
Bob Hoel
Owner, Hoel Roofing and Remodelling
Two million to four million in less than one year
Rick Hancock
Owner, Roof America
Revolt provided a support system and accountability that was instrumental in helping me not only in my fitness goals but also my marriage.
Diego Dante
Roofers LLC.
Before we joined Revolt, we were stuck at $7M in revenue. We are now on track to break $25M by the end of 2022 because of what we have learned and brought back to our company from Revolt.
Aaron Brookens & Brandon Allen
Brookens Construction
Revolt has made such a big difference in such a short amount of time. All the things that Revolt gives you, if you implement those, you are going to see massive return on the back end.
Brian Ward
Quality Roofing
We 3X-ed our business within 18 months of joining Revolt.
Dylan Mullins
American Metal Roofing Weather Shield Structures
We hit $60M this year, and with the training we’ve received from Revolt, I believe we can triple that in the next three years.
Daniel Riccomini
American Commercial Roofing
Being a part of Revolt and RoofCON has literally saved my life, changed my life and just opened my mind to so much more!
Jacob Callahan
J. Callahan Construction
I was in a pretty dark place and was doubting myself on so many levels before I was invited to the retreat. Revolt changed my life, seriously.
Mathew Miller
Weather Shield Structures

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